Asset Details
ID 7159484179873578211
Name BurstLoans
Description Welcome to Burst Loans, this asset pays burst monthly! It will be used for multiple loans so check the website to see current loans details such as: loan amount, interest rate, etc. All loans will entirely be tied to Burst USD value, not the number of Burst coins initially received. The Official Website for the Burst Loan Asset is: (Sign up for email notifications!) Important: The Burst Loan will be cashed out into USD once the amount is reached, unless it’s increased. Once funded the monthly payments begin. The loan is directly tied to USD value of Burst at the time of cashout. Loan payments in USD are converted into Burst then distributed to asset holders minus fees. The number of Burst coins distributed may be higher or lower then initially invested. Risks: Like all investments there are risks involved. Only invest an amount you are comfortable with based on your risk tolerance. This is a basic summary, see full details at:
Quantity 1,000,000
Decimals 0
Issuer LQAN-7UK9-4VLH-6ZAYW Burst Loans
Block 617963