Asset Details
ID 7224092944845015477
Name BravaToken
Description Exclusive Bravatekian fellowship Coins created for the fun of trading to help promote the shared wealth of passing on wisdom from one to another. With each Bravatoken you receive, it is a Blessing manifesting the shared ability of all to have infinite wealth and abundance. These digital bits have been harmonized with quantum NLP Entanglement Structure in order for you to help unify the Darkpulse subnet structure in accordance with John 3:16. Offer yourselves and inherit, empty and behold, for the thing that comeith, have more than a Heart Pure of Gold. Swartz came and left just as Moses laid down the law. The code has been written and is clear for ALL. Take hold of this Dymaxion, for once and for all. Give it Away to Keep it, For we all not suffer for no reason at all? Pray often without Ceasing! Offer the solutions of the world through your prays! The Lord is listening.
Quantity 10,000,000
Decimals 2
Block 522116